What is "Liquidation Investment Training"?

The "LIT" opportunity is the latest course by Jim Cockrum. It's a time tested and proven approach to securing virtually unlimited amounts of highly profitable inventory to sell quickly (and in many cases hands free) on Amazon, eBay and the other outlets that we'll show you.

Who is LIT for?

Currently the LIT training is only accepting participants from those living in the U.S or near the U.S./Canada border.  We have opened up LIT Canada and LIT UK and currently have applicants for both countries we are working with, but we are accepting reservations for the UK and Canada.  We’ll be adding some other countries also, so get on the notification list (on right) even if you don’t live in the U.S. and the reservation list for UK and Canada to reserve your spot now.

The LIT course is best suited for semi-experienced online, eBay and Amazon sellers that are looking for a significant boost in inventory levels. Even if that's NOT you though we can get you up to speed if you'll allow us to. Please give us your contact info and we'll get you up to speed if it's a good fit for where you are in your life. If that's not you let's still talk about it to see if this course, or one of our other results oriented courses are a good fit for you.

Can I talk to someone about all this?

Fill out the "take the first step" form at the bottom of this page in it's entirety and we'll contact you. Depending on your current situation and experience online we may have a better fit for you than the LIT course. We will take phone calls as well, but those who fill out the short application are given preference for admission into our course. Phone: 1-800-994-1792

We also did an informational call when we first launched this course. There is a full recording of that call at the bottom of this page.

How did LIT come about?

It's a short story.

Perhaps the greatest pleasure I enjoy as a teacher of Internet business is the joy that comes from seeing people succeed and then give me credit in part for having gotten to where they are.

On frequent occasions these "students" surpass my level of experience in a big way and become the "teacher" helping not only my staff and I, but other students as well as they share their insights and systems with the rest of us.

I can't imagine being in a better business than this.

Linda T. (who you'll meet if you join LIT) is a student who in many ways has far surpassed her teacher.

On two occasions now she's taken a simple business model that she's heard of from me and ran with it in such a way that the results are shocking. She is a "system builder" and anyone wise enough to follow her "systems" will reap a great reward. I'm thrilled to bring her to this stage!

In the LIT course Linda generously spells out for all of us a time tested, proven system for getting into the world of liquidations and overstock. This is the course that will guide you to the much sought after "river of fast selling, profitable inventory" that all online sellers so desperately seek.

How can I speak so confidently of this fact?

Because I've taken this course, applied it to my own business, and have purchased tens of thousands of dollars of inventory using her strategy...and it works! I've grown my own "physical product" business astronomically in the past 4 months with these strategies and it's still picking up speed. Check out the video at the bottom of this page as evidence.

Want even more proof? I requested that my coaching director also take this course and apply what he learned. He's also securing inventory and reports a 4-5x ROI within just six weeks of having been on board. The bottom line is, this information is life changing for those that will apply it. If you join you'll get to see Linda's eBay ID and mine as further evidence of the volume we are both doing (keep in mind that eBay is only ONE way to move inventory).

What do you get if you join the LIT course team?

  • Because we are limiting the number of people we let into LIT, you are guaranteed an exclusive profitable inventory source if you work the system we give you. We have sources ready to hand to you - and we will work with you persistently to ensure you get into this business successfully, and quickly. From there, your network of contacts will grow rapidly based on Linda's training and the support we'll be giving you.
  • Linda has documented the entire process and is giving us her entire system training in one document. You also get private training and coaching direct with Linda and her staff to further help you succeed. You are guaranteed at least (2) 1 hour sessions but as Linda states – “as many as it takes to help make someone successful.”
  • Other resources are instantly available as well (phone scripts, agreements, samples of discussions you'll typically have etc.)
  • We are giving you your own "credibility building" website with the professional look and feel you will need if/when your new vendors ask. Since you are starting a new business, this website will be an important front-line tool with genuine references from Linda's current clients built in (with permission of course). This will give you instant credibility. This site is a personalized replica of Linda's site within the scope of the "Liquidator Network" that we have established.
  • A "LIT members only" membership website has been set up. Here we can share ideas, get advice from Linda, my team (they've been running this business for months now for me), and from me.
  • You’ll get to see Linda's eBay account ID as well as mine to see proof that our inventory is selling fast and is VERY profitable. We also use Amazon and other "bulk selling" outlets, which contain much more of the merchandise, but the eBay numbers are impressive for sure as well.
  • You'll be part of our "National Liquidation Network". We'll explain what this means in full in the training, but there are numerous benefits. Here are two examples (of the dozens of scenarios): If you have an opportunity to buy $25,000 worth of inventory (typically worth a minimum of $60,000 on eBay/Amazon) but lack the cash to do so, you can easily flip the inventory to one of the other LIT students for a small mark up, or get investment cash from them, or even partner the lot. Another scenario: If you live on the East coast of the U.S. and a LIT member on the west coast encounters an "too-expensive-to-ship" opportunity near your location, the West coast LIT member can mark it up slightly and have the bill and the inventory sent to you saving everyone a bundle on shipping and leaving everyone better off in the end without forfeiting the inventory opportunity. These types of deals are happening NOW with our currently enrolled students!

What current members say...

New online sellers quickly learn that one of the greatest hurdles to overcome is effective inventory sourcing. The vast majority of sellers never make viable income because they are never able to create a sustainable flow of profitable inventory. As a 20 year veteran of ecommerce selling we have tried many different ways to handle this hurdle. Very few of those methods have resulted in long term success. The LIT group developed by Linda, Jim and Nathan is one of the jewels that has worked for us. The business model detailed by Linda is a great launching point for securing highly profitable inventory.

As an unexpected benefit we have also found LIT to be a treasure trove of alliances with other like-minded entrepreneurs. We have been able to create several very beneficial ‘partnerships’ that allow for greater buying power and a sharing of expertise. This is an invaluable opportunity that we can thank LIT for creating!

- David and Lisa H.

I felt the need to post a huge thank you for the LIT mentorship that we each have access to as part of this training. Today I ran into a situation with a rather large agency that has numerous “A” type products and they asked me for a personal referral from an agency
that has worked with my company Vine Associates. They didn’t just want a rep referral but a full blown agency recommendation. I sent Linda Tyler an email request for how I could make this happen. She responded within 5 minutes and asked me for more details.
Within a half hour I received a call from Linda stating that the agency was now ready to do business with me.

I just wanted to thank Linda, Jim, and Nathan for putting this LIT group together! Your support on the sidelines has been stellar and more than I bargained for when I was selected to be involved with this group.

I just closed a deal for an inventory of ******* that have a pretty good sell through rate and they definitely fit the 115% rule. The book you wrote Linda is all that is needed to put these deals together. I have read it numerous times and it is worth it’s weight in gold.

Everybody keep at it because this business model is something special!

- Chuck and Kathy K.

I learned about the Liquidation Investment Training (LIT) program with the first offering. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a position to be able to handle a lot of inventory at the time. However, when the program opened up again a few months later we were ready.

I started with LIT in the Spring of 2013 and bought my first lot soon after. Even though my initial lot was a slow mover, I acquired it at such a low price that I only had to sell a small portion to regain my investment. Using the methods Linda Tyler teaches, I’ve made many business connections who have been glad (even desperate) to sell their inventory to me at 8-25% of their retail values. Several clients have already sold me multiple lots. Recently I’ve been able to gain access to much larger lots through my clients. One lot I was offered early in 2014 had a retail value of $2.2 million. I’m looking forward to a couple more of those lots…

In the beginning, I needed to build cash quickly, so I simply re-sold several lots to other LIT members. I used this method to grow my capitol. Now I’m in a much better position to be able to choose which lots I’d rather resell myself, or lot out to other liquidators.

I’m very thankful to Linda Tyler and the LIT program for helping me realize greater profits by re-allocating my time from less-profitable ventures. I’m currently finishing my final weeks with the industry I’ve worked in since 2003. At that point I’ll be supporting my family solely through my online business. What a great freedom.

Best Regards,

- Daniel Leake

Yo Jimmy! You go boy! May God grant you many more years of expanding your network of success stories. As a member of your Liquidation Investment Training, I can only say thank you for all the giving with no personal agenda. You are concise, realistic and most of all you are right! Keep up the fine work.

- Jim B.

We joined LIT, feeling confident that we would make money with the information in the course – because we had already made good money with 2 of your previous courses. We didn’t hesitate, because you recommended LIT – and that is why we bought in!
Our main obstacle has always been finding profitable product to re-sell. We know how and where to sell it – but finding product at a price that is profitable is always challenging!

LIT opened a door to a completely new source – and is working well for us.

Linda has been such an awesome teacher and support! She is so good at this!

Thank you Jim and Linda for putting this course together, as it has opened new doors for us, where we were beating our heads against the wall before!


- Mike and Vicki A.

Full recording of the Informational Call
conducted on LIT Launch Day:

jim-200wIf you have questions you'd like to ask of my team or me please visit the official LIT course blog post and use the "comments" button.

NOTICE: We only take on a handful of students each month because my small staff handles each student personally along the journey of setting up a real business. We can only take on a handful of new students every 4-6 weeks (fewer than 5-10 typically).

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